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So... update on my arts >:)

2009-12-21 21:45:46 by Seriously

It's been a while since i drew anything really. So i figured to get back into it I'd do another Sethe v. Klide drawing. Just to get back into it. (sketch below). There are also a few other pics on the backburner waiting to be finished so a few more additions to the Art Portal by Seriously may be at hand.

I've been working on a project recently for my Game Design class (yes, I'm going to school for video games). It's a card game that required over 160 cards... I've been busy. The game turned out great though and everyone in my class wanted to play it. So now that I've got a break and nothing to do I've decided to dedicate myself to drawing... and video games.

So... update on my arts >:)


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2010-03-25 03:54:24

You should participate in one of the weekley contests over at the art Forum :D